Twice as nice

Today’s Reading:  2 SAMUEL 22:1-51, PSALM 18

Today’s Post Specific Reading:  Psalm 18

As a father of two teenagers  I have learned the value of saying things twice.  It is a tool to make sure the listener is actually doing that – listening.  Unfortunately, in my house there are times you can be looking at a younger member of the family directly in the face, say something and then realize a minute later that the hearer of the message – heard nothing.  I have come to learn that they had done one of the following:

  1. completely either ignored me,
  2. used the time to decide what they were going to eat for a snack later,
  3. prepared a defense to explain why they hadn’t done their homework,
  4. began to calculate how many SMS messages they had left on their pay as you go cell phone
  5. reviewed the evening’s TV program lineup – debating whether to watch “Gossip Girl” or “Ugly Betty” or both
  6. or completely shut down to due a lack of physical energy expended house choirs

Either way, I still have learned that if I say things twice, look for a nod or wink of comprehension, and validate reception of the message through verbal repetition, then the message is understood.

Today’s reading is the same song of David written down for history sake in two places.  Maybe God our Father wanted to make sure we, as His children, were listening when he chose to have it included twice in the Bible.  The first time is in 2 Samuel 22 and the second time is in Psalms 18.    It is a song of David that he sang after all his enemies had finally been removed from his path.

Looking at the Psalm (and borrowing for Matthew Henry) we see: 

David Triumphs in God

  1. David triumphs in his relationship to God vs 1 – 3
  2. David praises God for the deliverance He has provided vs. 4 – 19
  3.    The deeper the danger, the greater God’s mercy was vs 4 – 5
  4.    The deeper our pleas for help, the deeper God’s response  v. 6
  5.    The greater God’s deliverance was, the more magnificent it was vs. 7 – 12
  6.    The greater the difficulties the more glorious God’s deliverance is vs. 16 – 18
  7. The deliverance came because God delighted in David v. 19

Devout Thanksgivings

  1. David reflects on his personal integrity vs. 20 – 24
  2. David reflects on the laws of God  vs 25 – 26
  3. David speaks comfort to the humble  vs. 27 – 28

Grateful Remembrance of Past Deliverances

  1. David reflects on the great things God has done for him vs. 29 – 49
  2. David looks up with humble and reverent adoration at God’s divine glory and perfection vs. 30-31, 46,
  3. David looks forward with the hope that God will still do good for him Vs. 43, 44, 50 

David obviously had a lot to say about his relationship with his God.  David had gone through a lot over the years, and God was with him the whole time.  David constantly sought God out, even in the darkest hours and the during the highest highs. 

I suppose God wanted us to pay attention, so he made us read it twice.

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I am just an average guy trying to find his way along this journey of life. I am definitely middle aged. I am definitely happily married with a wife and two children. Personally, I have a passion for things eternal. Professionally, I have a passion for things that are securely in control.
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