Day 4 – Missed it by 40 KM

Starting LocationBlönduós, Iceland

Ending LocationAkureyri, Iceland

Direct route distance: 240 KM

Actual Distance traveled:  500 KM

Original Goal of the Day:  In reality, we had very few goals for today.  We were shooting to get to Akureyri by 7 PM.  Oh yeah, we also had a goal of not losing my son in a glacier crevice.  We succeeded in one of our goals, but failed in the other.  Read on to find out how the day went.

Stop 1:  Well, you guessed it, we decided to take some side adventure Compressed buffaloand not simply drive to our next destination.  We actually went backwards on our journey and returned to some place we skipped by yesterday.  We headed to the the “oft-photographed” basalt stack formations at Hvitserkur.  As you look at the picture can you see the buffalo drinking water?  The picture does not show it well, but I think it is easily 40 feet tall.

For those of you concerned about my physical activity, concern yourself no more.  We climbed down a steep sea side cliff and back up and I survived!

Stop 2:  Now that I had completed enough physical exercise to last  me a CompressedsoaringbirdDSC_9978week, we headed to our next stop.  It was supposed to be a place were we could much wildlife in its natural setting.  We were not disappointed.  Here we found seals and birds.  We were able to spend much time there, quietly sitting and observing the animals.  In over 1 1/2 hours there we only saw two other people.

We enjoyed watching the seal colony the most.  They were very relaxed and enjoyed laying about the small bay.  Two younger cubs were very interested in us and they spent nearly 40 minutes swimming right in front of us watching us.  I had on a red shirt and I am sure they were attracted to it. 

This time was very peaceful and rewarding.  We really felt like we were in their element, not ours.


cropped_DSC_0071Stop 3:  When we finally headed back towards Akureyri, we realized we were going to get there before 5PM and as we are experienced adventurers, we decided to head to the Arctic Circle.  So, we turned the car north and kept driving until we ran out of highway.  We arrived to within 40 KM of our goal.  Here is a shot of the GPS to prove it.

There we were on the side of mountain, looking north to the Arctic Sea.  It was a beautiful afternoon and we took our daily portrait.  If you look really hard you can see the line of the Arctic Circle in the background ;-).  Here is the location in Google maps.


After saying hello to the Arctic Circle, we headed to our final destination for the day.  The town of Akureyri, Iceland.  To do this we must cross over a high mountain snowy pass.  This is the tricky part, as you can see from the photo above, my son is still with us. 

We stopped by the side of the road to take this picture…. and almost lost my son, as we was overdosing on Coca-Cola and went running into the mountain snow. 


Thankfully he came back – which means we arrived late to our hotel for the evening.  But on the way down from the pass we caught this beautiful sight.


Surprise of the day:  At breakfast this morning we heard a couple speaking Dutch.  In my best Dutch I said “Komen julie uit Nederland”?” “Do you come from Netherlands?” They answered in the affirmative and then we talked a bit until we found out they live 5 KM from us.  They live in Son, Netherlands! 

Plans for Day 6:  Our goal is now drive all the way to the east coast of Iceland, to the town of Egilisstaðir.  Here is our route.

Last but not least – favorite son quote of the day:  “Where is the television?” when we entered our hotel room for the evening.  There was a TV, it was just well hidden on a closet.  He survived!

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I am just an average guy trying to find his way along this journey of life. I am definitely middle aged. I am definitely happily married with a wife and two children. Personally, I have a passion for things eternal. Professionally, I have a passion for things that are securely in control.
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