Should we read Song of Solomon?

Today’s Reading:  Song of Solomon (yes the whole book, all 8 chapters, all 121 verses 😉 )

This is the first interesting/challenging book for us to read this year.  It is a book that has a unique history.  It is a book that has some unique attributes to it.neck with jewels

Did you know at one point people were told not to read it until they were at least 30?  Interesting side note – The Mormons include it in their bible but do not consider it inspired text.  It is not referenced in the New Testament and there is no direct or indirect reference to God in the text.

I was challenged by this book – what to write about it.  It can be a sensitive subject.  If my premise for the year has been “All scripture is inspired by God and profitable” then I have to look at Song of Solomon as something I should not shy away from.  So please go ahead and read it.

Some things to consider as you read the book.  The most often aspect of the book that has been discussed for thousands of years is this – what is the book about?  Here are a few possibilities:

  1. The book is an allegory of God and his love for the children of Israel.  The deep emotions and expression of love in the book is really a story about how much God loves Israel and how much Israel responds to that love.
  2. Likewise, the book could be an allegory of Christ and his love for the church of believers.
  3. Another proposes that the book is a messianic text written with “The Lover” as a symbol of the The Messiah.  Like a bridegroom coming to claim his bride – the church.  Some relate the text to Psalm 45 which has a similar theme.
  4. Still others think the passage may actually be ancient Egyptian and Babylonian love songs, traditional Semitic wedding songs and songs related to ancient Mesopotamian fertility religions
  5. On the other hand, the book could simply be what it purports to be.  A series of songs that Solomon wrote about the love that a man and a woman share.  A true deep sensual love.

After having reread the Song of Solomon once again today, I have come to the conclusion that it is a lovely poem of love shared between two.  The young man and his young woman. 

Sure, if you try real hard you can see how some could seek other interpretations, but why?  Isn’t the prose beautiful enough without the need to make it something more.

God intended for the love of a husband and a wife to be a pure experience filled with pleasure and love – Solomon captures that feeling well in his Song of Songs.  It is part of God’s word and worth reading.

Song of Songs 8:6 – 7 (NLT)

6 Place me like a seal over your heart,
      like a seal on your arm.
   For love is as strong as death,
      its jealousy as enduring as the grave.
   Love flashes like fire,
      the brightest kind of flame.
7 Many waters cannot quench love,
      nor can rivers drown it.
   If a man tried to buy love
      with all his wealth,
      his offer would be utterly scorned.


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I am just an average guy trying to find his way along this journey of life. I am definitely middle aged. I am definitely happily married with a wife and two children. Personally, I have a passion for things eternal. Professionally, I have a passion for things that are securely in control.
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4 Responses to Should we read Song of Solomon?

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  2. Joyce Geerts says:

    One of the most impressive declarations of the bride which I would like to share is in songs of Solomon 4 : 16

    Awake, O north wind;
    And come O south !
    Blow upon my garden,
    That its spices may flow out.
    Let my beloved come to his garden
    And eat its pleasant fruits.

    The wind of north is strong, cold & ferocious. When it blows forcefully into the garden, there wont be much left. Despite of this north wind, the bride invites it to come and blow into her garden….her LIFE. Why , why , why ??? She has an intimacy relationship with the BRIDEGROOM. That is why She dreads nothing about devastation and unfavorable consequences. She is confident that one and only one thing the north wind could do is to produce the fragrance of her garden when it blows.

    Thus , blow you north wind roughly : the fruits of the garden drop and lie on the ground, the fragrance will be released for everyone to smell….to enjoy. What an aroma ! The effects are it will refresh, stimulate & heal. O awake you north wind and blow , you will never destroy me as I am saved in the arms of my Bridegroom.

    On other hand, the wind of south is extremely hot. Yet, the bride also “asked” the south wind to blow into her garden. What could the heat wind do with the garden ??? It blows with much heat thus causing the fruits to ripen easily and speedily. The pleasant aroma will release, the spice will be flavoring into the air.

    The garden requires both north and south wind, the bride asks them to blow into her garden. She invites her Bridegroom to her garden to enjoy the pleasant fruits. What amazing is, her garden still have delicious and pleasant fruits remain/(left), in spite of the devastation work from the north and south winds.

    The bride always find love, joy, peace and security in the Bridegroom therefore you and I should be – We are as His bride.
    We face excessive cold & hot winds, let them come into our lives, they will blow on us but we will overcome them, to produce favorable and pleasant fruits. The Bridegroom walks in and enjoys them. He also finds much delight in us as we please Him. Let’s we who know HIM desire to : draw closer to Him, grow in Him & walk with Him daily, and we are His, He dwells in us.

  3. plimtuna says:


    Thanks for sharing and writing such an informative comment. I can see that you are reading the book as a example of Chirst loves for his church (you and I). Am I correct?

    Thanks for the insight.


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