June 27 – 29, 1990: Slow down, you move too fast

Slow down, you move too fast,

you’ve got to make the morning last

Just kickin’ down the cobble-stones,

lookin’ for fun and feelin’ groovy

Feeling groovy

The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy), Paul Simon, 1967.

Time sure flies when you are having fun.  Boy oh boy was that true for the next three days that I was with Lisy for the first time.

I was feeling groovy.  For those kiddies out there – things were really good, and I was happy.

As you recall, the intent of Lisy’s trip was not only to get to meet me but to also spend time getting to know Chicago.  I had arranged to take some time off of work to take her around and show her the sights of the city.  Having grown up in Chicago I had no problem showing her things such as:

  • The Sears Tower
  • The John Hancock Building
  • Lake Shore Drive
  • The lake front
  • Buckingham Fountain
  • Chinatown

One unplanned event that very first day was Lisy getting a real taste of city life.  In what once again was a foretelling omen for the next 20 years of our life, Lisy left her purse behind in a restaurant (if I had a dollar for every time she has done that I would not have to worry about our daughter’s college costs) 🙂 .  When she remembered 30 minutes later we rushed back to find that a kind person had stolen only the money out of her purse, but was kind enough to leave her passport and makeup.  Aren’t city folk nice? 😉

One special activities that was planned for the first few days was a trip to a Wisconsin farm with boys from my Thursday night club.  Going to my ministry nights with my kids and Lisy gave us a lot of extra time in the car as my club was in Waukegan and Lisy was staying in Berwyn at the time.  About a 75 minute drive.  While in the car for those long drives we listened to my cassette tapes.  Music as always been important to me so I was determined to not just play the music, but I also wanted Lisy to understand the words.  I then set out to translate the songs word for word into Spanish, real time, while driving.  A tape that was in that car that summer soon became our favorite was James Taylor’s Greatest Hits.  At least once a day I sang a roughly translated version of “You’ve got a friend.” With winning lyrics like these, what guy is going to lose the girl?

When your down and troubled
And you need a helping hand
And nothing, whoa nothing is going right.
Close your eyes and think of me
And soon I will be there
To brighten up even your darkest nights.

You just call out my name,
And you know where ever I am
I’ll come running, oh yeah baby
To see you again.
Winter, spring, summer, or fall,

All you have to do is call
And I’ll be there, yeah, yeah, yeah.
You’ve got a friend.

As I drove to club night that Thursday, June 28, 1990 I sang my way into Lisy’s heart.  We had a great time with the youth that evening.  Lisy could see their needs and had compassion for them.  She was excited about my ministry; another plus for me.  While we were at the farm I took this photo.  It is my favorite photo from those early days.


As we drove the 75 minutes back to Berwyn that night we talked non-stop about our relationship.  Note – a face to face relationship of only 48 hours.  A relationship that may have been moving way too fast.  How could two people meet and two days later already be talking about the future?  How could these two people who had just met be considering a lifelong commitment so soon?  Were they crazy?  Yes – crazy in love.

About plimtuna

I am just an average guy trying to find his way along this journey of life. I am definitely middle aged. I am definitely happily married with a wife and two children. Personally, I have a passion for things eternal. Professionally, I have a passion for things that are securely in control.
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