July 2 – 3, 1990 – What a great rollercoaster – ouch!

Have you ever had one of those days when you thought nothing could go wrong – nothing was going to ruin it?  Well, Monday, July 2, 1990 was going to be one of those days for me.  My pen pal and I were crazy in love.  She had just began a personal relationship with Christ and we were racing down the road to eternal happiness.

This day had some immediate fun plans.  We were going to take Lisy’s cousin Bety’s boy to Six Flags Great America.  I had been going to this park since the summer it opened.  I knew it inside and out having had a season pass in 1988 and 1989.  I knew every ride and short cut to every ride.  I knew what rides to ride when to avoid the crowds.  I was a master at maximizing my entertainment dollar there.  I was excited, I was going to get to share my favorite roller coaster with my the love of my life.

We got an early start to our day and we were at the park when it opened.

Lisy at Great America theme park, July 2, 1990

Once we got in the park, we split up from the three boys, agreeing to meet at 1pm to go to lunch at my nearby apartment to save some money.  Lisy and I headed to some roller coasters.  We rode one – had a blast.  We rode a second one= again had a blast. We then headed to my favorite roller coaster at the park – the old style wooden coaster named the “American Eagle”.

As you watch the video you will see that one of the “features” of this ride is the bumping and jostling that you get for your ride. I got off the ride a bit sick to my stomach and needed a rest.

After we rode the “American Eagle” we went to catch our breaths on a nice shady park bench in the Yukon Territory section of the park.

We sat and watched the people walk by.  We talked about our relationship and basked in the glory of our new found love.  We had our first kiss on that bench.  Things were good.

One side note before we continue our story – God is always in control.  Do you believe that?   I do.  If he is God, then he is all powerful, all knowing and ever present.  With that in mind we continue our story.

It was nearly 1 Pm and time for us to meet up with the boys for a quick lunch.  However, I was not feeling well. I was still sick to my stomach.  I felt worse as each minute passed. 

We went to my apartment for lunch and I was getting very sick.  We decided that the boys should go back to the park and Lisy and I would go see a doctor right away. 

We went to a doctor and after a quick check up was told that I either had an acute infection or a tumor.  A tumor that must have been bruised on the roller coaster and was engorging with blood.  An ultrasound was needed soon and was scheduled for the next day. 

Wow, in a matter of 3 hours I went from sitting on a park bench talking to my girlfriend, sharing our first kiss, to being told I may have a tumor.  My pain was so great that I was soon prescribed codeine. 

What was God doing to me?  I had gone to a park to ride a roller coaster and ended up living a roller coaster live.  6 days ago I met my pen pal with whom I was quickly falling in love,  3 days ago I had decided that we should not be a couple and one day ago we got a new lease on our crazy love.  Now I might have a tumor!  What was God doing to me?

The next day I did have an ultrasound.  The results would be given to us on Thursday after the day off for the 4th of July.

Next step – July 4, 1990 – a night of fireworks!

For the full story go to the PV. 18:22 page here.

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I am just an average guy trying to find his way along this journey of life. I am definitely middle aged. I am definitely happily married with a wife and two children. Personally, I have a passion for things eternal. Professionally, I have a passion for things that are securely in control.
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