Carnival Day 3–Russia

Well it is the third day of our Carnival vacation whirlwind tour of Europe.  The first day was in the south of France, near the Riviera.  Yesterday was spent in Monaco and today we found ourselves in Russia.  See this beautiful Russian Orthodox church we visited this morning.


Nice_CoastUnfortunately, it was not in Russia, but right here in Nice.  Founded over 150 years ago it was the first church to be declared a Cathedral by the Russian Orthodox church in Western Europe.  It is called Saint Nicolas Cathedral.  So, we were not really in Russia, but it felt like it today.  We also met a Russia couple later who took the picture below of the three of us and then later we bought some classical guitar from a Russian man playing classical guitar in the plaza that is pictured below. I even got to try some of my Russian language skills today – I used every Russian word I knew _ perestroika, glasnost, vodka, Stolichnaya, troika, dos vidanya and spaceba.

We were then back to the old town and to the top of the oldest part of Nice.  The peak that held the city fortifications.  After a long steep walk or a quick elevator ride wonderful views greet you there.  When you look at the picture to the right of the coastline of Nice, please feel free to curse the waves crashing on the beach (no sand – stones).  Because of the strong wind blowing in off the Mediterranean Sea the events planned for the last night of Carnival had been postponed until Thursday.  Unfortunately, we will be in another city and country by then.

But as promised a nice Russian man took our family picture for today.


Nice_StreetAfter our trip to the top of Nice we headed back into the oldest part of the city where we wandered narrow streets to find hidden plazas. 

There was a flower market today as well as the typical fruit and vegetables vendors.

It was a beautiful day, if not a bit chilly with the brisk wind keeping my wife in her winter coat, scarf and hat all day. 

We stopped for lunch and had some typical Nicoise fare.  Escaloped veal in a mushroom cream sauce, roasted duck breast, onion tart and eggplant cassarole with a seafood soup.  All delicious.

In the plaza below we heard the wonderful classical guitar sounds of a Russian struggling artist.  We bought three of his CDs. 

Nice Plaza

Tomorrow we are off to Genoa and Mila, Italy.

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2 Responses to Carnival Day 3–Russia

  1. Greg M says:

    Say hi to my “peeps” in Italy. Hope you stole a “Monaco” sign for me!

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