Day 5–Milan–The last supper

Today was a day for Milan to rescue itself from the scrape heap of poor vacation choices.  Admittedly, after visiting the Milan Cathedral (Duomo) last night I had convinced myself that I had made a mistake in visiting this very industrial city.  A city that had been very heavily bombed in WWII and had signs of heavy usage and typical southern Europe   grime. 

Today disproved all that.  Sure it still has the film of dirt that all southern European cities seem to have (Lots of graffiti, a slight black smudge on most buildings, garbage accumulating in the corners and streets littered with gum and dog feces).  But something came out at us today as we toured Milan.  For us it is a city that is trying to break its industrial image.  It is one of the friendliest towns we have been to in the south.  Whether it was the guy selling us Italian breads for lunch or the waiter in the restaurant or a cashier at the museum, they were all quite friendly.  To be hones, they were much more friendly than we typically meet in the same circumstances in our current home country.  We even met an elderly gentlemen who went out of his way to make sure we took the right train and knew how to get to our destination.  A very friendly people, something I can confirm from my coworkers from Milan.

Bike MilanWe started our day that the museum of Science Leonardo di Vinci.  They did not have much there that was actually make by di Vinci, but they did have many models of his inventions, and they alone were quite impressive.   While at the museum my wife found her next bicycle.


From there we walked a few blocks to the church\convent where di Vinci’s Last Supper is .  Since reservations are taken more than 3 months in advance, we did not get to see the actual painting, but the church was nice to see on the outside.

Milan Church

Milan CastleWe found a quick lunch and header over to the Castello Sforzesco.  A very impressive example of medieval defensive castle.  They seem to be in the midst of restoring it, but its main structure is intact and they are now working on the aesthetics of how it must have looked in its heyday.  We came away with it being the most impressive castle we have seen for sheer force and size (others were more unique or prettier). 


From there we headed out to shop   Not exactly something I was interested in doing, but I suppose I can give one afternoon of shopping to my wife.  Therefore, I offered to take her to the prime street for shopping.  My motive was to overwhelme her with outrageous prices that she ultimately decides that she should buy nothing.  We went to Via Monte Napoleone Street which is lined on both sides by the likes of Vesace, Bvlgari, Dior, Venini, Savatore Ferragmo Dona etc.  We survived with not purchases there.  However, my son  did find some clothes at a much more reasonable place.

Our Last Supper – in Milan.  We had such a wonderful multi course Italian meal last night that we returned to the same restaurant La Isola de Tesora.  It is only a few blocks from our hotel.  Tonight my son had a wonderful lobster linguini.  We had the same waiter and actually considered staying one more day, just so we could eat at the restaurant one more night. 


Better we start heading back north, towards home.  Tomorrow Strasbourg, France (or is it Germany’s this century?).

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