Been living in a Cave Lately?

Today’s ReadingJudges 3:31-6:40

First – Apologies:  I have missed some original posting for nearly a week now.  I even have missed two actual posts in the last seven.  Failing to even repost something from last year.  Why?  I have had a busy week filled with four talks or presentations, some original research and a bit higher work load at the office.  But today I am back with an original but short post from today’s reading

Secondly – one quarter of the way there:  If you have been reading with us as we read through the Bible Chronologically, you should be pleased to know that we are one quarter of the way through our journey.  We have completely read Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua and Job.  Yesterday we continued our walk through the historical books with Judges.  Judges is one of my favorite books to read.  There is plenty of history and one consistent message to  read.  Many famous Bible stories come from Judges and we will even read one today – Gideon’s fleece.

Thirdly – Prayer Request:  Please pray for my family and I.  We are at a crossroads on our journey as expats and we need to make some decisions soon on where we want to be for the next two years.  We need a clear path.  We love our life where we are and we really want to continue to be obedient servants.  Can you pray that God would open and close doors for us?  Thanks in advance.


Have you been living in a cave lately? 

In the first six chapters of Judges we are already seeing a pattern.  The Israelites were directed to do something (clean out the land), they don’t do it, they start to turn away from the truths and teachings of God, they fall into sin and then God sends them a leader (Judge) who leads the people into repentance and renewal.  It is a real sin cycle.

Judges Chapter 6 begins like this: 

Judges 6:1 –2 NIV

1 The Israelites did evil in the eyes of the LORD, and for seven years he gave them into the hands of the Midianites. 2 Because the power of Midian was so oppressive, the Israelites prepared shelters for themselves in mountain clefts, caves and strongholds.

After having read for the last three months how God had chosen the Israelites to his chosen people and that he had promised to prepare a special land for them (Canaan) would you have believe that they would then be so afraid that that they would find themselves hiding out in caves and hidden shelters?  How is that a chosen people in a promised land had let things get so bad as this?

In my post for this very day one year ago I laid out the case as to why things had gotten so bad (Ja, Ja Maar III) .  The problem can be summarized as this – The Israelites did even in the eyes of the Lord.  They did not obey and they did not set themselves apart as holy.  They lived in the world around them and the allowed the filthiness of the world overtake them.  They had become no longer distinguishable from their neighbors (the ones they were supposed to drive from the land). 

We can find ourselves in a situation when we are hiding out in the caves.  Maybe not real caves, but caves of our homes.  Or the caves of a local bar.  Or the caves of someone else life.  We are hiding from the reality of the mistakes and errors we have made in life. We are hiding out from the guilt of our sin and our disappointment of God.  We are hiding from the light because the light hurts our eyes and our hearts. 

Time to get out of the cave

Through the Wonderful Grace of Jesus are we able to come back into the light to leave the dark cold cave behind.  Through the Wonderful Grace of Jesus can we see how forgiveness and closeness to Christ can be restored.

Satan wants to make every effort to keep us in our caves.  He wants to hide out in our Caves of Adullum, while at the same time a supreme God is doing everything possible to bring us out.  Won’t you trust in the God of Love who sent his only son to die for us?  Come on out of your cave and bask in the glorious light of His love.

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