Highways raised above the valleys

Earlier this year we had a chance to see something that we had wanted to see for about 5 years; a bridge.  Sure, we live in the land of rivers and canals, so we see lots of bridges everyday.  But this bridge was special.  We had seen a couple of documentaries on how the bridge was built and it fascinated us.

While on a trip to the French Riviera we took a detour of a few hours to go see the Millau Viaduct (it is a bridge, trust me Winking smile ) . It is the tallest bridge in the world with one tower 1125 feet tall.  For skyscraper lovers, that is just a bit shorter than the Empire State Building.  My memory is  a bit rough, but as I recall, the building of the bridge saved two hours of travel time to cross the valley in the heavy traffic summer months.  Its building saved people from having to drive down long twisted narrow roads to go into the valley and back up long difficult narrow roads go continue on their journey.


Did you know that God can build bridges for us also?  Look what came up in today’s reading:

Isaiah 49:11 NLT

11 And I will make my mountains into level paths for them.
The highways will be raised above the valleys.

If man can build a bridge such as this, how much more can an all powerful God do for you and I to smooth out our paths?  To remove the valleys from our travels?  To ease our walk in life? 

Are you trusting God to turn your insurmountable troubles into smooth paths and your valleys of despair into bridges (or viaducts Winking smile ).

About plimtuna

I am just an average guy trying to find his way along this journey of life. I am definitely middle aged. I am definitely happily married with a wife and two children. Personally, I have a passion for things eternal. Professionally, I have a passion for things that are securely in control.
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3 Responses to Highways raised above the valleys

  1. Stefan & Joyce Geerts says:

    Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Elmer says:

    I wonder what ‘viaduct’ means in American English? According to my knowledge, this bridge is a perfect example of a viaduct 🙂 A viaduct is a bridge (over land) containing more than one span.

    • plimtuna says:

      Ok, it is a viaduct, you are right. But it does not detract fromt he fact that is also a bridge. I guess I associate the word viaduct too closely with aqueduct. Which I now realize is best translated as water highway or bridge. So I am learning better English from my Dutch friends. WooHoo!

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