Pv. 18:22

 Proverbs 18:22 (NLT)

The man who finds a wife finds a treasure,  and he receives favor from the Lord.

In honor of my wife and I meeting, getting engaged and married 20 years ago I am going to use some of my blog space to commemorate some of those important dates.  One reason is to show how much God worked.  A second reason is to document the events for our children.  Finally, it never hurts to build up “good husband” points with the wife.                 

So, in the days that follow you will occasionally see a post entitled “20 years ago today – June 26th, 1990” or with whichever date is appropriate.  I hope you will read along with me as I tell our tale of how God gave me a treasure to find.                 

PV. 18:22 Posts

1989And now for something completely different…                 

Month of May  – I once found a treasure                 

June 16, 1990The Letter                 

June 26, 1990The first day of the rest of your life                 

June 27 – 29, 1990June 27 – 29, 1990: Slow down, you move too fast                

June 30, 1990It’s over, what a mistake              

July 1, 1990A napkin from the best pizza place in Chicago           

July 2 – 3, 1990What great roller coaster – ouch           

July 4, 1990A night of fireworks          

July 5, 1990 – Wow! that is a steep drop!        

July 8, 1990 – Our Spiritual Parents      

July 10 – 13, 2010Surgery, at last      

July 20, 199026 and Invincible ?   

August 6, 1990 – Chaperones and bad advice  

August 15, 1990Friendly Advice – Don’t be a day late for your own wedding!  

Us, then and now

Lisy and I within days of meeting face to face (younger and thinner)


My treasure and I at our daughter's graduation 20 years later.


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